Position: Engineer Intern
Company: Takamoto Biogas
Website: www.takamotobiogas.com
Start Date: Immediately

Company Profile

Takamoto Biogas (www.takamotobiogas.com) is a rapidly growing renewable energy company in Nairobi providing biogas systems to small farmers in rural Kenya.  

Building on two years of market research and installation experience, we have developed a new business model and technology that will bring the many benefits of biogas energy to the masses in Kenya by eliminating the main hurdle to its adoption – the high upfront cost.

Our new technology overcomes the biggest hurdle in biogas implementation, reducing the initial cost to consumers from KES 100,000 per unit by approximately 90%.  In Kenya alone, there are two million farmers with at least one cow who are potential clients.  We have piloted the new technology in Githunguri, installing over 70 systems in less than 4 months.  Having proven the demand, we are now preparing to scale up our operations in the second half of the year.

On its way to this goal, Takamoto Biogas is looking for a motivated, proactive and energetic Field Manager to manage our installations and maintenance.

This is a rare opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing company developing and scaling a new technology and an innovative business model to bring energy to the millions at the base of the pyramid in Kenya

Job Description

We are looking for an intern to do the following:
  • Assemble and test biogas smart meters
  • Perform experiments on biogas production
  • Test biogas powered motors
  • Write online data analysis tool
  • Help customers in the office to buy biogas appliances
  • Other experiments
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    Job application

    Client selection question

    At Takamoto Biogas, we must select our clients very carefully. We REQUIRE that our clients have at least 2 cows, have little access to firewood, have a family of 4 to 6 people and have access to sufficient water for mixing. Which of the below farmers are appropriate for a biogas system from Takamoto Biogas.

    John Njoroge: "My wife and I have lived here for years. We love this place. Our children have moved to Nairobi, but we still keep 4 cows. We have lots of water and napier on our farm to feed the cows."

    James Njuguna: "Our family is really struggling for cooking because we have no trees on our farm to harvest for firewood. And on top of that we have to boil so much water for milking because we have 6 cows. Usually one of the children get the water from our borehole that always has water."

    Jeremiah Njenga: "My family raises lots of chickens. We are known to have the best chickens in our area. We have about 1,000 chickens."

    Excel Questions

    Download the excel document at the top of this page and answer the following questions.
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