Job Description
Position: Biogas Technician
Company: Takamoto Biogas
Start Date: June 2013
Takamoto Biogas ( is a rapidly growing renewable energy company in Nairobi providing biogas systems to small scale farmers in rural Kenya.  

Building on two years of market research and installation experience, we have developed a new business model and technology that will bring the many benefits of biogas energy to the masses in Kenya by eliminating the main hurdle to its adoption – the high upfront cost.

Our new technology overcomes the biggest hurdle in biogas implementation, reducing the initial cost to consumers from KES 150,000 per unit by approximately 90%.  In Kenya alone, there are two million farmers with at least one cow who are potential clients.  We have completed the pilot phase and are looking for talented young people to help this company scale.

On its way to this goal, Takamoto Biogas is looking for several field technicians to do biogas installations in the field. There is room for promotion to management positions from this technician position, if the employee is interested and demonstrates that he or she has the necessary skills and motivation.

This is a rare opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing company developing and trialing a new technology and an innovative business model to bring energy to the millions at the base of the pyramid in Kenya

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